Famous North Carolina native sons
and daughters.
God Bless Our Troops!

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Great truths are portions of the soul of man; Great souls are portions of eternity.
                 - James Russell Lowell
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Billy Graham
Born November 7, 1918  Charlotte, NC
Meadowlark Lemon
Basketball Player & Minister
April 25, 1932-December 27, 2015    
Born in Wilmington, NC
University of North Carolina At Chapel Hill
NC Inspiration       JamesTaylor --- In 1951, when Taylor was three, his family moved to what was then the countryside of Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Taylor first learned to play the cello as a child in North Carolina, and switched to the guitar in 1960.[15] His style on that instrument evolved from listening to hymns, carols, and Woody Guthrie,( James Taylor with Ray the Cat and Ting the Pug.)
Actress Julianne Moore born in  Fayetteville, NC
December 3, 1960
Charlie Daniels
Born: October 28, 1936
Wilmington, NC